“One of a Kind, One at a Time”




I am a creative boat builder located in southern New Hampshire.


Focusing on crafting small sailboats, canoes, and kayaks, and through the combination of modern techniques and exceptional materials, I produce watercraft that reflect traditional beauty through their lines and finish. Contact me to commission a build of a boat just for you. It is more affordable than you might think!


I have a wonderful boat-building program that hundreds of young camp and school folks have participated in.  Under my guidance, in 2014-2015, kids ranging from as young as 9 years to 16 years of age built a total of 58 boats! In 2016 we are currently scheduled to build 10 sailboats, 10 kayaks, and 16 canoes.  


Explore my site and contact me if you are interested in further information.  


Happy Paddling and Fair Winds!


Chris Balch


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