“One of a Kind, One at a Time”

Introducing the STOW-A-WAY - An invention by sailors for sailors!


Have you ever dropped a sail tie at an inconvenient time? Or lost your sail ties? Fumbled with sail ties on a pitching boat in wind or weather and with a flapping main?


The Stow-A-Way is a revolutionary system that replaces the need for sail ties, and is always instantly available to secure your mainsail to the boom.


The Stow-A-Way self-stows out of the way, on the underside of your boom when not in use, then quickly stretches to clip over your dropped sail to safely contain it. The Stow-A-Way is ideal for single-handing, and is wonderfully convenient for crewed boats.


Taking about 20 minutes to install with hand tools, the Stow-A-Way works with or without Lazy Jack systems, and is made of high quality marine-tough materials. The Stow-A-Way will give years of trouble free service.

The STOW-A-WAY makes a perfect gift for any sailor!


Only $24.95 + $6.50 priority mail shipping. Purchase securely with PayPal below.

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